Planning an Income for Life

Will your savings last as long as you do? Will you have the money you need to enjoy a comfortable retirement? For many Americans, the answer is no. That’s because a lifetime of saving and investing can be eroded by taxes, inflation, and poor investments.

The average person works nearly four months of the year just to pay federal, state, and local taxes on wages! In fact, American workers spend more of their day working to pay taxes than they do to pay for food, clothing, housing, and transportation combined. Source: Tax Foundation, Special Report, April 2004

In addition to taxes, inflation reduces the value of your money. With an inflation rate of 4 percent, your purchasing power will be cut in half every 18 years! And some taxable investment accounts can actually lose money after you pay taxes on your earnings and factor in the effects of inflation.

Fortunately, there are creative solutions to address your long-term income needs. One of the most flexible financial vehicles available to do this is the annuity.

And now there’s an opportunity for you to find out how an annuity can help you accumulate retirement funds, manage taxes, fight the effects of inflation, and generate an income you can’t outlive.

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